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Professional Network

Selection of partner organizations, business associates and list of membership associations and standards.

Creative Blocks

Creative Blocks, New York, USA - copywriting services.

Third Electro Energy Technology

Third Electro Energy Technology Group, Ljubljana, Slovenia - development group in the field of electro-energy distribution and electronics.

Andersen d.o.o.

Andersen d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia - country's largest developer of accounting and business software.

Electronics Workbench

Electronics Workbench, Toronto, Canada - international market leader in development of the most widely used circuit design software. (3EET Group sponsor)


ORCS Web, Inc., Charlotte, NC, USA - hands-down the best web hosting service in the world.
(The only service that we use and wholeheartedly endorse.)

NYC .NET Developers Group

Member, New York City .NET Developers Group

The HTML Writers Guild

Member, The HTML Writers Guild and
International Webmasters Association

Independent Computer Consultants Association

Member, Independent Computer Consultants Association

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Standard, The World Wide Web Consortium


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